NEEDeed is a capacity-building organization dedicated to serving the needs of nonprofits/social enterprises based in South East Asia. We specialize in designing and delivering innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions for our clients by leveraging our expertise and mobilizing available resources.

Recent Projects & Testimonials

Projects Testimonials

“Our project with NEEDeed was a real life-saver. Compared to our previous processes, efficiency of our work increased significantly, service speed at least tripled. Relevant information became available real-time to both internal team members and external partners anywhere. Implementation support by NEEDeed was excellent and praised by everyone here. Keep up the good work.”
Apichart Karoonkornsakul, Social Innovation Foundation
“The professionals of NEEDeed are passionate about service to the community and go out their way to support organisations in their efforts to improve the lives of communities in the Asia Pacific Region. We enjoyed and benefited greatly from their knowledge, creativity and resourcefulness. NEEDeed is an exceptional organization!”
Thaw Zin Aye, Regional Coordinator, YouthLEAD
“NEEDeed services were engaged to digitally transform two nonprofits in Thailand, from selecting the organizations and deploying Microsoft technologies to managing change within the organizations and upskilling its staff. NEEDeed demonstrated a very good understanding of the main challenges that nonprofits face and helped  implement and maximize the benefits of Microsoft cloud technology. The NEEDeed staff was incredibly professional and responsive, so it was a pleasure working with them!”
Dr. Daiana Beitler, Regional Director, Microsoft Philanthropies Asia
“Besides the learning the non-profit context offered, I learnt a lot from other members on our corporate team. We do not normally work together in our corporate roles, but this opportunity helped me understand more about the work they do, learn from senior members of the staff and interact in an environment removed from the daily pressure of our jobs.”
Gina Yang, Procter and Gamble
“NEEDeed team’s professional approach started with a deep and quick understanding of SIF’s challenges and requirements, continued with the design of a mockup tool for us to visualise the solution, then co-develop the solution and train our team to be able to internally support ourselves.
A big success factor was the attitude to help. Everyone on the NEEDeed team went out of their way to find the appropriate solution to our requirements. Thank you so much. Give you all BIG hugs.”
Jinnarat Thiamariya, Project Advisor, Social Innovation Foundation
“I had really, really good fun working on the project. This was my first time partnering with an NGO and it was a truly fulfilling experience for me. It opened my eyes to how much I can give back to the society with just a small commitment of time at my end.”
Tripti Agarwal, Procter and Gamble
“The skills and experience that the NEEDeed team offers, has really added value to the projects that they are involved in, which in turn reflects positively on our whole organization. They have increased the standard of professionalism on these running projects and have been a source of inspiration to myself and my colleagues. Thank you NEEDeed for all your great work!”
Sharonne Broadhead, Community Outreach Coordinator, Asylum Access – Thailand (AAT)
“NEEDeed walks the talk and supports both NGOs and professionals along the way, they follow up every project, they care and make sure things are working out for every part involved. I see how much value they add and I am happy I am part of it, hopefully for many more years.”
Alejandra López-Zaballa, Bangkok Soul, Professional Photographer & Founder
“NEEDeed has presented me a wonderful opportunity to utilize my professional education, and training, to benefit my current home.”
Cory Fox, Expert on International Mental Health
“Working with NEEDeed was an absolute pleasure and tremendous learning experience.”
Prabhjeet Singh, Industrial Automation Expert
“Becoming involved with NEEDeed has given me a purpose and network of like-minded people living here.”
Andrew Kingham, Creative Writer & Cartoonist
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