NEEDeed is a capacity-building organization dedicated to serving the needs of non-profits based in South East Asia. We specialize in designing and delivering innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions for our clients by leveraging our expertise and mobilizing available resources.

Established by Ildiko Modla-Szalai, and registered in Thailand in 2013, NEEDeed represents the intersection of ‘need’ and ‘deed’ – the identification of a gap and the intentional action to fill it.

Ildiko, originally from Hungary but having lived and worked in Asia for almost a decade, saw that small and medium Thai non-profit organizations were addressing important social and environmental issues in the community, but that they may benefit from capacity-building in some areas and the professionalisation of their operations. Through the encouragement of local supporters and the overwhelming interest of expatriates in volunteering their time and expertise for a good cause, setting up NEEDeed just had to happen.

Yomi Sonubi joined NEEDeed in December 2014. It quickly became clear that Yomi and Ildiko shared a vision for a scalable and sustainable organisation that could address the underlying issues of the non-profit sector not just in Thailand but across South-East Asia. Their partnership led to the establishment of NEEDeed Pte. Ltd. in Singapore and shares the mission and objectives of its foundation counterpart.

Ildiko and Yomi have been supported by outstanding professionals and corporations to build NEEDeed to what it is today.

We help not-for-profit organisations increase their productivity and operational efficiency via projects we scope and deliver for them. Hence we cover a wide range of issues. Lately, technology implementation has become a significant part of our work. Tech is a prerequisite for any organisation that wants to grow and be sustainable. We want to help organisations develop and implement tailored solutions.

– Yomi Sonubi

Everyone I’ve got to know through NEEDeed has inspired me. In particular, what has really struck me has been the collaborative, generous spirit of all those we have met – it’s people really believing in something bigger than themselves and investing in the social good.

– Ildiko Modla-Szalai