Project Description

Non-profit partner:


Corporate partner:


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Project focus area:

Case management

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The Idea:

Transferring important paper-based data into a digital platform is more important than ever. NEEDeed uses essential technology that helps transfer a paper-based Case Management System into a digitalised one, ensuring the timely delivery of services to a non-profit’s beneficiaries.

The Partner:

Childline is a non-profit that provides children with access to protection, health, and social services in Thailand. It provides its services for any child under the age of 18 and works with various government and NGO stakeholders to safeguard the rights of every child as outlined by the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of a Child.

The Implementation:

The project was divided into four phases.

Phase One: Work process documentation. It included mapping their workflows.
Phase Two: Converting requirements and mapping technology required. This entailed mirroring their current processes on a digital system.
Phase Three: Developing a customised Case Management System to better fit the organisation’s needs.
Phase Four: Testing the system and training the non-profit employees on the new technology.

The Impact:

  • An analog workflow process was converted to a cloud based digital platform.
  • Better and more timely services provided to children in need due to more seamless systems.
  • Significant reduction in time needed for employees to perform tasks related to case management.
  • Increased capacity in number of cases that can be handled.
  • Allows the organisation to meet the new reporting standards outlined by the Third Optional Protocol under the UN CRC.
  • Reliable system that will better protect sensitive case information.