Ildiko Modla-Szalai

Founder and President of Board of Directors

“The fact that it has not been done, does not mean it cannot be done.”

Yomi Sonubi 

Project and Operation Director

“I have a strong passion for creating sustainable models for exponential social impact.”

Jenny Ehrman

Business and Management Consultant

“NEEDeed creates the space where my process-driven business focus and passion for social impact can harmonize.”

Maytinee Bhongsvej

Secretary-General of Board of Directors

“Compassion, passion, and knowledge – the best combination to help others.”

Ada Chirapaisarnkul

Director, Board of Directors

“My passion is building the ecosystem for social impact organisations to thrive in.”

Susie Couture

Vice President of Board of Directors

“Joy comes from making a difference through positive change.”