We engage with corporations in a variety of ways – from innovative learning and development to impactful CSR programs.

What We Offer

Even the best teams face challenges that are not ameliorated by traditional employee training programs. Collaboration failures, poor team processes, and insufficient time given to team development can jeopardize any team’s success. At NEEDeed, we meet these obstacles by creating a space for your team members to discover new talents and rediscover old ones.

Engaging corporations like yours in our projects is a cornerstone of our core mission statement. Our focus in partnering with you is to deliver a meaningful project that allows your team to grow in ways that are unattainable in the day-to-day work environment.

When providing opportunities, we do so based on your employees’ expertise, availability, and interest. Our engagement is designed to provide learning and development based on your company’s needs. We incorporate your talent management goals into our project design. Through this, we help you meet individual employee’s talent development goals and human resource objectives.

Highlights of Individual and Team Learning

  • Creating and innovating in a resource-scarce environment

  • Entrepreneurial thinking when approaching organizational and business

  • Problem solving in cross-cultural, multi-generation teams

  • Adapting to change as an indispensable quality for survival in any

  • Persuading and influencing in teams with flat structure

  • Presenting and communicating in a cross-sectoral setting

  • Exposure to a different organizational culture

Why do corporations need to think beyond philanthropy, or PR, for that matter, when they think about CSR?

Tremendous opportunities to build resilient businesses are missed when organizations do not look beyond philanthropy. Engaging in cross-sectoral collaboration — that is value creation together with the non-profit sector opens up many possibilities for your corporation to increase brand value, access customers and develop your talent. Whether your objective is to build a comprehensive CSR strategy or compliment your existing one with non-profit engagements, we are here to partner with you.

“NEEDeed services were engaged to digitally transform two nonprofits in Thailand in order to improve their operations and ‘do more good.’ The projects included a really wide range of services, from selecting the organizations and deploying Microsoft technologies to managing change within the organizations and upskilling its staff. NEEDeed demonstrated a very good understanding of the main challenges that nonprofits face and helped these organizations implement and maximize the benefits of Microsoft cloud technology. The NEEDeed staff was incredibly professional and responsive, so it was a pleasure working with them!”

Dr. Daiana Beitler
Regional Director
Microsoft Philanthropies Asia

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