Our objective is to help non-profits with what they need to serve their beneficiaries in the most efficient way   from technology to tools for process improvement, from organizational development to capacity building. We carefully assess the needs of these organizations and deliver projects to ensure a long-term impact. We do this by leveraging resources such as skilled volunteers, technology, and other non-financial resources.

In the long-term, we aim for a sector-wide transformation where we move from a scarcity mindset to pioneer the efficient utilization of available resources and nurture financially sustainable organizations.


1) Needs Assessment

We conduct a needs assessment by actively listening to the requirements of the social purpose organisations.

2) Project Scoping And Design

In partnership with the non-profit, we design the framework of the project that is linked to a comprehensive capacity building plan.

3) Project Resource Matching

We look for resources from corporations, donor agencies, and the local community to deliver the project.

4) Project Implementation

We implement the project and ensure it is completed in a sustainable way that addresses the needs of the social purpose organisation.

5) Monitor / Evaluate / Learn

We systematically collect and analyse information from the project to ensure maximum impact and sustainability.