“Asylum Access Thailand has had the great privilege of receiving professional assistance from NEEDeed to manage a new initiative our organization was seeking to implement. We initially just wanted to raise funds to create an Interpreter Resource Center, but once NEEDeed was involved, it was clear that they could offer so much more. The project took on new dimensions and even the process of working together through the online project management tool NEEDeed provided has proven educational and beneficial to the way we approach developing projects. The skills and experience that the NEEDeed team offers, has really added value to the projects that they are involved in, which in turn reflects positively on our whole organization. They have increased the standard of professionalism on these running projects and have been a source of inspiration to myself and my colleagues. Thank you NEEDeed for your all great work!”

Sharonne Broadhead
Community Outreach Coordinator
Asylum Access – Thailand (AAT)

“NEEDeed has presented me a wonderful opportunity to utilize my professional education, and training, to benefit my home back then, Thailand. The fellow expatriates I have meet have all shown a deep level of professionalism, and a deep passion to help others. The caliber of those expatriates is phenomenal, as are the non-profit groups NEEDeed has brought to the table. Ildiko, and NEEDeed, are a wonderful addition to the Bangkok scene.”

Cory Fox
Expert on International Mental Health

“It was a pleasure to be part of NEEDeed as a professional supporter. NEEDeed works with very high standards and helps NGOs in a very professional way. NEEDeed walks the talk and supports both NGOs and professionals along the way, they follow up every project, they care and make sure things are working out for every part involved. I see how much value they add and I am happy I am part of it, hopefully for many more years.”

Alejandra López-Zaballa
Bangkok Soul
Professional Photographer & Founder

“I was lucky to be around when NEEDeed took off and got attracted to one of the first projects presented – The Village Toy Libraries (VLT). Our little idea grew from a simple toy collection at International School of Bangkok (ISB) to a beautiful sustainable project. I am truly very grateful for this opportunity to be a part of something new, meet people whom I would never meet and the most importantly to be helpful to children in need. I am already looking forward to the next toy drives and openings of future VLTs. I will also for sure attend some of the next presentation of NEEDed. Maybe there are more opportunities awaiting me. Thank you Ildiko, for pulling us together.”

Sharka Furda
Yoga Teacher

“I joined NEEDeed after I attended a presentation by the Association for Promotion of Status of Women (APSW) which NEEDeed facilitated. I was fortunate enough to then commence working on a project for APSW that both interested me and I was able to meaningfully contribute to. Throughout the process of the project, particularly at the project inception and commencement stage, NEEDeed was extremely supportive and resourceful. NEEDeed has also continued to support me and provide guidance as I work on my project. I have found NEEDeed to be extremely professional, organised and knowledgeable about creating synergies and connections with charitable organisations in Bangkok and expats. Becoming involved with NEEDeed has given me a purpose and network of like-minded people living here in Bangkok.”

Andrew Kingham
Creative writer & Cartoonist

“It has been a great pleasure to work with NEEDeed . NEEDeed has assisted to Youth LEAD in various ways including the documentation of success stories, providing support on the process of strategic plan development and providing technical assistance on drafting of governance handbook. The professionals of NEEDeed are passionate about service to the community and go out their way to support organisations in their efforts to improve the lives of communities in the Asia Pacific Region. We enjoyed and benefited greatly from their knowledge, creativity and resourcefulness. NEEDeed is an exceptional group!”

Thaw Zin Aye
Regional Coordinator

Working with NEEDeed was an absolute pleasure and tremendous learning experience.  The project was completed in time and to the satisfaction of all players.  Yomi is an absolute delight to work with and his organization skills are perfect.  He is also extremely flexible and completely open to implementing all feasible ideas from all concerned.  He is also very quick in adapting to always changing circumstances and keeping all parties happy.

Prabhjeet Singh
Industrial Automation expert