The Idea:

While many non-profits have the will to impact thousands, their technology lets them down. Thanks to a partnership with Microsoft Philantrophies, NEEDeed is able to build the capacity of non-profits by setting up a Microsoft cloud-based technology infrastructure that will help NGOs improve their operational efficiencies and make them sustainable in the long run.

The Partner:

Social Innovation Foundation (SIF) is a non-profit organisation in Thailand that helps people with disabilities find employment. SIF was in need of a technology solution that enabled the organisation to keep up with their growing number of beneficiaries. They went from a couple of hundred beneficiary in the first year to a few thousands by their third anniversary.

The Implementation:

The entire project is split into two phases.

  • Phase One: The setup and configuration of Microsoft Office 365 in all the SIF systems. This includes setting up users, user groups, security protocols, and Office 365 essential apps. Some of the apps installed are Mail, Planner, One Drive, Sharepoint, MS Office and Skype for Business.
  • Phase Two: Setting up Microsoft CRM Tool (Customer or Constituent Relationship Management), Dynamics 365. This includes building effective sponsor acquisition processes, opportunity management in terms of creating, modifying and completing a project, and job management.

The Impact:

These are just a few of the benefits Social Innovation Foundation reaps through the Microsoft-NEEDeed project:

  1. Improved social impact ecosystem through a revamped cloud technology system.
  2. State-of-the-art Microsoft cloud based technology in all systems in the office.
  3. Streamlined administrative processes.
  4. Significantly improved team collaboration
  5. More efficient donor management system.
  6. Better project development infrastructure.
  7. Simpler collaboration abilities with clients, sponsors and nodes.
  8. Faster process to match clients with sponsors thus the ability to help more people living with disability find employment