The Idea:

Successful non-profits require a solid system to help in the acquisition and management of contacts – whether they are beneficiaries, donors or volunteers – in order to meet their goals. Through a partnership with Microsoft, non-profits will be fitted with cloud-based technologies that will help them move from a manual platform to a digital platform, reducing the demands on the staff and management, leaving the non-profit with more time to spend on other aspects of their work.

The Partner:

Ashoka Thailand is a pioneer non-profit that helps identify and nurture change leaders and together, works on unique collaborations that can help transform institutions and cultures worldwide. Ashoka builds a community of change-makers capable of taking creative action to solve a social problem to fundamentally transform institutions and cultures.

The Implementation:

  • Phase One: Setting up of Microsoft Office 365 which includes installation of data security, virtual private networks, email, calendars, Skype for business and other essential apps.
  • Phase Two: Installation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and merging CRM capabilities into apps that work seamlessly across operations, financials and project service automation.

The Impact:

  1. More effective collection and management of contacts through cloud technology.
  2. Manage the process of turning a potential talent to a change leader through the delivery of an insight course and an incubation programme.
  3. Integrated tools to manage Ashoka Thailand’s activities and programmes.
  4. All around activity tracking of change-maker leads as they move through the change-maker process.
  5. Collaboration opportunities with other institutions including coaches and universities.