We engage with corporations in a variety of ways – from employee engagement, meaningful CSR projects to expatriate spouse support. We have your back.

Skilled volunteer engagement for competency development

  • We provide volunteer opportunities that are scoped based on your employee’s` expertise, availability and interest.
  • Our engagement are designed to provide competency development based on your company’s needs.
  • We incorporate your talent management goals into our project design.
  • We help you meet individual employee’s talent development goals, feeding into your human resource objectives.

Corporate advisory

Looking to engage with the non-profit sector in a way that is in line with your corporate philosophy and also delivers impact? Do you find it difficult to scope engagement with non-profit organisations that you brings value to your brand? Do you find difficult to define `value` when it comes to non-profit support and measure impact of your engagement?

Contact us to find out more how we can help!

Expatriate Spouse Support

You can demonstrate your commitment to your expatriate employees and gain competitive advantage in global talent acquisition and mobility via concrete and measurable spouse support. We know that it is easier said than done. We know exactly what your spouses in search of professional engagement are looking for and thus provide the engagement that gives you the competitive edge. We thus help you reduce costs associated with assignment failure and decreased employee productivity resulting from lack of spouse adjustment and increase the value of your brand as a company that is responsible not only to society but to families too.

What we offer to trailing/expatriate spouses:

  • We source professionally relevant projects and volunteering opportunities based on trailing spouse’s` interests and availability.
  • If ?you have left a career behind and are looking for meaningful volunteer engagement, we help enhance your professional skills through relevant project placements that add towards your professional experience.
  • We enable acquisition of new skills by working on challenging and exciting projects.
  • We provide references for future employment opportunities.

Intermediary Technology Consulting

While cloud-based technologies are widely available and affordable, their active utilisation by small and medium-sized non-profit organisations remain low. We address the obstacles and provide solutions that will see the exponential uptake of your technologies to deliver benefits to socially conscious organisations, and society in general.

  • We can increase the uptake of your IT products in the non-profit sector by upgrading non-profit operations, and setting trends in operational efficiency.
  • Your technology will be fully utilised by mapping processes and ensuring they fit the need of the organisations, customising it to its optimal use.

At NEEDeed, you bring the Need, we add the Action. We work on building your capacity by bringing you state-of-the-art resources that are sustainable, financially viable and prepped for high impact.

Technology implementation

Cloud-based technologies offer many options for organisations to make their work easier, seamless, and more efficient. From efficient organisation-wide file-sharing options to complex constituent management systems, the right use of cloud-based technologies ease the burden of the mundane and often manual tasks, freeing employees time, making operations more efficient, and allowing non-profits to grow.

There is no such thing as too little or too much technology when it comes to helping social purpose organisations work better. The key is the right choice and combination of available tools in the market. Technology companies offer their products to the not-for-profit sector either free of charge or with substantial subsidy. NEEDeed uses them completely and in a way that allows non-profits to get the best out of them.

Technology is never stand alone. It has to be supported with the right processes to make them efficient. NEEDeed helps you map your processes, alter existing ones or set up new ones to support the uptake of implemented technology.

Talk to us to find out how you can use widely-available cloud-based technologies to create a more efficient organisation!

Projects For Operational Efficiency

Non-profits do incredibly valuable work when it comes to serving local communities but they often put their organisation second. They need all the help they can get to make their organisation technologically up to date to seamless deliver their mission.

  • We implement high impact projects for social purpose organisations by listening to and understanding THEIR needs.
  • We recruit suitable professionals and identify the required resources.
  • We manage the project for the organisation with their active involvement.
  • Our needs assessment process is catered towards the non-profit’s development, building both the technology and the people required to make the organisation sustainable.

If you’re looking to give back to society in a more hand-on way, you have come to the right place. This is how we help you make a difference:

Impactful Skilled Volunteer Opportunities  

  • We help you contribute to society while being professionally relevant.
  • We use your skills in well scoped projects.
  • We base our volunteering opportunities on your interest and availability.
  • We provide the opportunities to enhance or add new professional skills to your portfolio.
  • You get to grow your network by working with like-minded professionals.
  • You can receive a reference for future employment opportunities.

We help support your development projects through an add-on capacity building programmes tailored to your needs.

  • We assess the needs of individual organisations and networks.
  • We help provide pro-bono expertise to projects and help supervise their delivery.
  • We broker multi-stakeholder collaborations between individuals, corporations, public institutions, and social purpose organisations.
  • We provide resources to help overcome challenges in the change process.