A lack of technological infrastructure creates a major barrier for small and medium-sized non-profit organizations. This problem is compounded by a lack of knowledge in their potential use to streamline operations, better utilize donor funds and maximize project impacts. Lack of technological infrastructure combined with lack of organizational knowledge prevents these organizations from delivering sustainable, long-lasting, scalable solutions to their target communities.

To effectively address this problem, NEEDeed seeks to connect widely available and affordable, yet currently underutilized technologies with small and medium-sized non-profit organizations in Thailand. As part of our proven intervention model, we also connect skilled pro-bono volunteers with these organizations to concurrently address both the issue of lack of technological infrastructure and the lack of relevant organizational knowledge. Using our model, we ensure that all projects we implement for non-profit organizations fully integrate useful technology and skilled knowledge in a manner that is sustainable and continues to develop the target organization’s capacity long after our intervention is complete. NEEDeed does more than just deliver expertise and technology resources; we change organizational cultures and create the foundation for non-profits to grow exponentially in their capacity. We believe that the integration of affordable, sustainable technology coupled with the knowledge of how to maximize its use has the potential to transform organizations, allowing them to achieve greater results for their beneficiaries with fewer human resources, less funding, and less waste.

How we deliver our projects

We deliver our projects with the support of corporate partners. What we would like to see is the increased uptake and systematic use of various cloud-based technologies in the non-profit sector.

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