Needs assessment 

Youth LEAD is a youth-led organization that works with young people, aged 14 to 25, who are either directly affected by HIV or at high risk of HIV infection. Youth LEAD needed a governance framework to manage its rapidly growing and expanding initiatives across Asia and the Pacific.

Project scoping and design

Having discussed Youth LEAD`s needs and its actual capabilities to support our collaboration, we decided that the best way to approach the task was to expand the scope of work and look at how the organization`s structure support its long term goals. Thus the project was divided into three phases: 1) consultation with stakeholders on the current and future organizational structure 2) defining new organizational and governance structure 3) documenting the new structure and supporting governance in a Handbook.

Project resource matching 

NEEDeed engaged two experienced and dedicated volunteer professionals with business processes, non-profit governance, and human resource management expertise to from the local community to help with the project

Project Implementation  

With NEEDeed managing the project, professionals conducted rounds of interviews with stakeholders, consulted with the organization on the outcome, delivered proposed organizational and governance structures and finally developed the Governance Handbook which was approved by Youth LEAD`s Annual General Assembly.

Monitor / Evaluate / Learn 

The new Governance Handbook outlined the optimal organizational structure to support the growth of Youth LEAD and defined the roles of governing bodies and affiliated entities, thereby paving the way for further expansion while maintaining Youth LEAD`s profile as youth-led organization.